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 Our experienced agricultural crew will be there with you from start to finish. Whether your new agricultural building is for livestock or storage, you will want a contractor who understands your business and knows that communication is critical to the success of the project. 

Bergstrom Concrete Construction knows the industry and recognizes that no two projects are the same.  Bergstrom Concrete Construction self performs much of the work, such as  excavation, sit prep, concrete and we work hand and hand with the building contractor which helps keep your costs down and your project on schedule.



  • Agricultural Buildings:
    Footings - Foundations - Piers - Walls - Floors

  • Grain Bins 

  • Feed Lots

  • Freestall Barns

  • Heifer Facilities

  • Milking Parlors 

  • Commodity Buildings

  • Shops

  • Special Needs/Hospital Barns

  • Hog Confinement

  • Manure Storage 

  • Equestrian/Horse Facilities

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